Ceramic Reproduction FAQ – Earth Sky Art

What is a ceramic reproduction?

Reproductions are made by creating a silicone mold of the original ceramic piece and making high fidelity castings of that original. Reproductions may be Hydrostone, epoxy or other material

What is Hydrostone?

Hydrostone is a casting material which produces a stone-like cast.

What is Epoxy

Epoxies are resin casting materials which are a type of hard plastic and can be coloured with dyes.

Can a reproduction be kept outside?

Hydrostone is a strong but porous material and should not be left outside. Epoxy can be outside however, it may change appearance over time, especially if in direct sunlight.

How many reproductions are made for each original?

The number of reproductions is determined on a per piece basis. Limited editions will be noted on the product detail page. ie: x of 50