Commission FAQ – Earth Sky Art

Q: Do you do commissions?

A: Certainly! But with some caveats. Subject matter has to be appropriate and they need to fit my timing and current work load.

Q: What is Appropriate Subject Matter?

A: Commission subjects need to fit within my style: abstract landscapes & spacescapes. I don’t do pets or people.

Q: How do we choose a subject for a commission?

A: If you don’t have something specific in mind, you can find something in my catalog you like and say “something like that please.” I won’t try to re-do something I’ve done but can do something in a similar style or feeling. You can give me a phrase or general idea. The piece Just Calm was done with the instructions “just make it calming”. You can also suggest general palette ideas (lots of orange, no greens, etc) You can supply me with a photo of a scene you’d like interpreted.

Q: What are considerations if I supply a photo.

A: Most importantly I can only work from photos you have taken yourself. I can not work off of photos that you do not own. If I am working off of a photo, it’s important to understand I will be interpreting the photo in my style and while the finished work will contain the general elements and feeling of the photo, it may not accurately depicts exactly what’s in the scene. I don’t paint buildings, cars or utility poles and may or may not paint fences or roads.

Q: Do you make prints of commissions?

A: Generally, yes. Prints are an important source of income for me. I am open to discussing not doing them but there would be an upcharge to the commission price to make up for lost future revenue. Any commission over 6ft in any dimension is too big to scan so prints are not available for those sizes.

Q: How long does it take once a commission is ordered.

A: It depends. Obviously the size of the piece has a large impact. I also currently work a full time day job so timing is dependent on that. I generally only work on one piece at a time so existing Work In Progress takes priority. However, if I’ve got a general stock piece in process, that will be set aside for a new commission. Generally a piece can take between 2 and 6 weeks to complete depending on size & my schedule. Once it is complete, it usually requires 2-3 weeks for drying and scanning.

Q: What are the basic canvas details?

A: Generally my commissions are produced using 3/4″ commercially produced stretcher frames for smaller, standard sizes. I build my own large or custom sized stretcher frames using 1×3″ kiln dried fir and heavy weight canvas. All works are black gallery edged so do not need framing and come with mounting hardware. I do not do commissions smaller than 24×36″

Q: How much does a commission cost.

A: Commissions are priced at my regular rate of $2.75 per square inch. (Canadian dollars). Site visits or additional work may be charged depending on the situation. Shipping & crating are not included. GST is included for Canadian sales.

Q: Do you need a deposit?

A: Generally 10% of quoted price is required.

Q: How do we get started.

A: Please have a look around my site to get an idea of the style of my work and the pricing. If you like what you see, send me a note!