Last weekend I spent 2 lovely days working on the largest chalk mural I’ve ever done as part of Arts On The Ave’s Deep Freeze Festival. It was on a painted plywood wall on the east side of Kasoa Tropical Foods on 118 Ave.

Fortunately, it wasn’t too deep freeze-y with the temperatures hovering right around 0c. On Saturday I worked from noon til 6, Sunday, noon til 4:30. Total time..around 11 hours.

The mural is 10ft x 30ft and features 4 of our common winter backyard birds. I called it Winter Friends. The photos in the gallery above show the process. First 1×1 ft grid that matches a grid laid out on a scaled print out. This is the worst part of the whole process as I was up and down the ladder for over an hour. Then the outline is translated from the grid on paper to the grid on the wall by eye. Then it’s get all the colour on. I had the bird’s basic colour finished by end of day Saturday. Sunday I added the “bed of pine needles” at the bottom and did a lot of refining. of the birds and the tree limbs. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out as I’d never even drawn birds before. (grids are awesome)

This is 7th chalk piece I’ve done for Arts on the Ave over the last 3 years. I’ve discovered that mural-ing on walls is way easier on this old body than doing something on the street.

Because it’s chalk (the only thing that works at < 10c) it’s “transitory art” so be sure to try to have a look at it before it rains.

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