Some Mondays you come in to work and it’s so stereotypically Monday, it’s almost funny. Then there are days like yesterday. While having a coffee, I checked my home email and found this.



!!!!!!! This will be my first public showing of any of my art -ever-. It will be a solo show of around 15 works.

The Gallery at Milner is an art gallery in the main branch of the Edmonton Public Library system (2015 Library of the Year for North America). The gallery is just inside the main entrance and is also accessed by a local coffee shop so traffic should be amazing. There is also the potential for “off-site” sales. They don’t want to be involved in any transaction but will connect me with potential buyers.

My exhibit will be called Alberta. Of Earth and Sky  and will run January 2 – 30, 2016. It will feature some of my existing and new work prominently featuring my representations of Alberta.

“Unexpected” 20×26″ oil on canvas June 2015 © JayB

As we get nearer to the date, I will be announcing details on an opening reception and I hope some of my local friends and artists can attend.

Special thanks to Meghan MacMillan for her encouragement to submit to the call for submissions.

Generally, I don’t like Mondays. Yesterday was an exception.

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