Harvest Hills 15 x 65 Oil on canvas © 2014 JayB
Harvest Hills 15 x 65 Oil on canvas © 2014 JayB

I’m thrilled to write about my latest completed painting. Completed in 24 days! After my last project which took 7 months, this feels like I just dashed it off overnight. This work also has me return to earth after 5 paintings based on the sun. The inspiration for this latest work is an early October morning drive back from our lake house through the hilly farm country near Bashaw, Alberta. Rows of swathed grain lie drying in the brilliant colours of fall as the sun gradually lights the sky.

This work also is a first for me with a new brush technique. Rather than using the smooth, blended strokes of my past work (and the sky and water in this one), I’ve used a more “pointillist” style for the ground areas. It seems to give it a more organic feel with lots of depth.

I am very pleased with how this one has turned out.

Now what’s next? New canvas stretching tonight!

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