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In late 2016, I saw a call to enter for the very first Shaw Conference Centre Community Arts Program. This is a great program in that the art hangs for an entire year in one of the busiest buildings in Edmonton, they pay CARFAC fees, and take no commission if it’s sold.

They asked for specifically Edmonton themed pieces but I didn’t have any so I did up a small, really basic piece as my concept.

I also wanted to show them I could work in a large scale and that my finished pieces could look a bit better than the concept piece so I also submitted Buffalo Lake Skies as an example of completed work

Buffalo Lake Skies
Buffalo Lake Skies 40.5×55 Oil on Canvas 2016

Flash forward a couple of months and I get an email which says not only do they want my new, as yet un-started piece, they also wanted to hang Buffalo Lake Skies.

There were over 140 pieces of art submitted and they picked two of mine! Squee 🙂

On March 29th there was a gala reception and introduction of the 5 artists chosen to show their work for the year. (only 5!)






We were also allowed to bring additional work to the reception, so I brought 3 other pieces.

About an hour into the reception, a womon got off the escalators, saw this view below, walked up to me…

Pointed at this

Cochrane Thunderstorm
Cochrane Thunderstorm 30×20 oil on canvas 2016

And said I’ll take it…how much. Literally bought the piece in less than 10 minutes after seeing it. She said, “I know when a piece calls to me and I just had to have this.”

What an amazing night.

You can read about the Shaw’s Community Art Program and see my details but I’ve screen captured a bit of it so there’s still have something to see after they change it in 2018.

The work will hang at the Shaw until March 23, 2018. Check it out if you’re in the area! They’re on the Salon (Lowest) level just to the right as you come down the escalators.


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  1. I am so happy for you. You are doing such beautiful work and have so much wonderful art out there.

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