Readers of this blog will know that last June I received word that I’d been selected to exhibit a solo show at the Gallery at Milner which is an art gallery in the main branch of the Edmonton Public Library system (2014 Library of the Year for North America). The gallery is just inside the main entrance and receives a lot of traffic every day.

 My exhibit is called Alberta. Of Earth and Sky  and will run January 2 – 30, 2016. It will feature some of my existing and new work prominently featuring my representations of Alberta. I currently have 18 pieces ready to hang for the show, most of which have been completed in the last 8 months.1_nichewall

Initially I thought I’d have some kind of reception but being that the show is in January and people usually have post December party fatigue, I decided that I would try & think of something different. After the crazy experience of the mural reveal and pop up art show where there were lots of people but I barely got to say more than hi to anyone, what I really wanted to do was provide an opportunity for as many people to be able to come and see the art and talk to me.

Thinking back, I realized I had a ton of fun interacting with the people out on the beach during my Art Retreat (which I just realized I’ve yet to write about! It’s been a crazy summer and fall).


So with that in mind, I’m super pleased to be able to announce that every Saturday during my show, I’ll be live painting at the gallery between 2 and 5 pm!!

If you’re local, I hope you’ll come down on one of the Saturdays and if you’re not, watch my Twitter feed because I may live tweet and/or Periscope some of the afternoons.



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