AIA 304 Å 18×42 oil on canvas © 2014 JayB
AIA 304 Å 18×32 oil on canvas © 2014 JayB


A fairly major milestone occurred last week. I finished (?) the first of 4 paintings in the SDO Project. Unlike the first time I was finished, I really do like the way this has turned out. I may do a bit of final tweaking once all the others are done but for now I can put the orange paints away.


Unfinished 18×32 oil on canvas © 2014 JayB

Just this morning I began reworking the blue panel. I have fewer palette options but it should be fun.

Edit: In case you were wondering, the name of the painting “AIA 304 Å” is related to the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) on the SDO spacecraft and the 304 Å (angstrom) wavelength of light that is captured by the camera array. 304 Å shows the details of ionized helium present in the sun’s atmosphere.

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