Shared Skies Overview – Earth Sky Art

From Writing on Stone to Zama City, the one thing that unites the entire province of Alberta is the immense beauty of the skies we live under. The two project artists, Dawn Marie Marchand and Jay Bigam have been recreating these skies and landscapes in their work for years. The Shared Skies project provides a unique opportunity for them to explore the creative process by combining their work into something that is new, while retaining their distinctive styles.

The artists hope to do far more than simply create and install works for this project. The project has many layers of meaning and intent. It is cross cultural, inclusive of Indigenous peoples of the area and the general public.

Lead Artists

Dawn Marie Marchand and Jay Bigam met when they worked together to fundraise for the families affected by the wildfire in Fort McMurray.

Piece Produced by Lakeland Credit Union when they hosted this piece.

For full details visit the Shared Skies Website.