I still have most of the paintings I’ve ever done. Some have gone as presents to family and friends, but for the most partm they are on the walls of my condo or in a closet. Here’s a few older works showing the various things I’ve done over the years.

“Glacial Lake” 18×32 oil on canvas. Private collection. 1994
“Slope” 24×24 oil on canvas. Probably around 1990
“Glacier Pass” 18×24 oil on canvas. 1992
By-2z2QIIAAKOyL.jpg large
“Glacier Lake” 20×26 oil on canvas 1996
“Warehouse # 1” 18×24 oil, metallic powder & fire on canvas 1994
“Panel” 18×24 oil on canvas 1992
“Wave” 16×20 oil on canvas board. 1991
“Taillights” 18×24 oil on canvas 1992

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