Untitled 16×24 Oil on Canvas © 2014

My older sculptural work, especially the metal work, was often finished in a day or a week at most. However, pretty much my entire painting body of work is made up of pieces that took weeks to months to finish. Whatever my “style” has developed into just takes time. Of course part of it is working a stressful day job running a large company. There’s not always time or energy at the end of the day to paint. (Ya, ya, excuses, excuses). Because these things take so long, it can be a little difficult to keep momentum.

This really became evident in the last couple of weeks. After a great start on the four pieces of my SDO Project, I just got into an “ughh, not more detail work” frame of mind. I didn’t really do much at all last week. (Well that’s not quite accurate, I spent most evenings mixing Kim’s first song on her new project. So not a complete creative void.)

I figured the best way to combat this feeling was to put aside the SDO work and try something else. And I wanted to do something I could call finished in one evening. For me this is actually pretty intimidating. Not having gone to art school, I have never had to finish a work in such a short period of time. The technique, style and, well, everything is just so different than what I’m used to.

Tuesday night I decided it was time to try this start to finish in 2 hours approach. The result is at the top of the post.

I wasn’t sure I liked it when I finished it, but after a couple of days, I’ve decided I’m quite pleased with it.

I am also pleased that it is finished. 🙂

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