What Is Elements – Earth Sky Art

Much of my recent work has been focused on large, severe weather canvases. These detailed, multilayered works can take up to 200 hours each to complete so I occasionally need to take a break and let my creativity have a bit of a vacation.

In 2018, I found a couple of pieces in storage that I’d made in 1991. These were mixed media pieces were produced using oil paints, solvents,
sawdust, metallic spray paint..and fire . The process involves multiple layering of these materials and slowly building up colour and
texture by literally lighting the piece on fire (carefully)

Burning different solvents produce different effects: some act as a fixative, some as a flow enhancer and some as colour (soot).

I decided to revisit the technique and produced the pieces in the series

The Element fire adds an Element of unpredictability to the process and is why the series is titled Elements

Caution: This technique is dangerous and produces toxic fumes. It should not be attempted at home…or anywhere really.